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Environmental Attorney:

  • As an environmental attorney and former President of California Environmental Voters, Rick believes that the crisis of climate change demands urgent action to invest in clean energy and water conservation, sustainable and affordable housing near transportation and work hubs, new renewable technologies, and environmental education.

  • Rick will advance environmental policies that create good jobs and build our green economy.

  • He’ll protect our coastline from dumping, drilling, and pollution.

LGBTQ+ Civil Rights Leader

  • As a Civil Rights Attorney and the Executive Director of Equality California, California's largest LGBTQ+ civil rights organization, Rick Chavez Zbur is recognized as a state and national leader for justice and equality. Zbur has stood up to the powerful on behalf of  the LGBTQ+ community, immigrants, women, the unhoused, and communities of color.  Zbur is leading the charge to combat the monkeypox epidemic, working with legislative leadership to ensure vaccinations and public health information are made available to the LGBTQ+ community and everyone at risk.

Fighting for Gun Safety

  • Rick has been a leader in advancing laws to lower the threat of crime and mass shootings and will advocate for expanding background checks, extending waiting periods, banning high-capacity magazines and military-grade weapons, restricting concealed carry permits, increasing penalties on unregistered weapons and ghost gun sales, and passing laws that end access to guns for those living with mental illness, a history of violent behavior or domestic abuse. 

Our recent poll and poll memo demonstrates that Rick starts out the general election campaign with a strong lead and that he is in a strong position to win​. To view it click here.

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